Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Celebrating my Christmas with my loved ones

Hi guys! I know you have your hang over, hehehe. Hope you’re doing great celebrating your Christmas with your loved ones. My Christmas is fine we celebrate it with joy; we just ate our noche buena and enjoy chit chatting. Our foods? Hmmmm just a simple one; a pork barbeque, spam, chocolate cake, fruit salad, spaghetti, mango float, biko, maja and a bottle of wine “Shakers”. The wine so yummy a caramel flavored wine but I just drink one shot of glass, hehehe. My boy friend and my brother in law appreciate it they love the wine and both enjoy chit chatting, you know "guys thing" hehehe. All of my loved ones are here and I’m so lucky to have them in my life for me it’s a perfect Christmas. Even though this year my mom pass away but I know she’s watching us and join our Christmas. For my mom Merry Christmas to you and you know how much we love you! We know also that you’re very happy in the hands of our God Almighty. Merry Christmas Guys! Its 3:00 AM guys and I need to rest hehehe, nyt2x guys! I took some pictures of our Christmas just take a look guys!

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