Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Adopted kitten

Christmas is over, today is a regular day and the workers are back to their daily routines to their respective offices. This morning when I was washing my clothes I heard the kitten shouting “meow meow meow”. She’s very noisy I’m so irritated with her voice out of four kittens she’s the only one that is alive. Her mom left her and I felt pity to the kitten. What I did I get the kitten and put her together with the puppies of our dog named Jasmine who have new born puppies. And when Jasmine arrived back to her puppies I was shocked then because I know Jasmine noticed it that there is a kitten. I just observed Jasmine, later on she lie down on the floor and ready for breast feeding; the puppies then and the adopted kitten start crawling and rambled. I’m so amazed of our dog Jasmine and the adopted kitten. She accepted the poor kitten to be one of her children, hehehe. The meow meow become an aw aw! Hehehehe… I would like to share with you the pictures I took with our dog Jasmine, the puppies and her adopted kitten. To see is to believe!


Anino said...

Nakakatuwa naman iyang aso mo.baka naman hindi niya makita na kuting pala yung isa.

ChArIsSe said...

oo nga talagang nakakatuwa xa,hehehe.yung kuting nmin turing nya sa aso mama na nya hangang ngayon hehehe.

blogengage said...

This is way too cute :) but so many of them haha