Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1st Birthday of Troy

Last April 3 the nephew of my boy friend turns one year old. As her godmother I and my boy friend bought something with the birthday boy. We bought a small ball and a new set of clothes for him. We prepared also a give away for his visitors, party hats, a balloon, a cake and foods. The 1st birthday of Troy turns out well on that evening, I know Troy is very happy he keeps smiling and dancing too! To Troy as your godmother I wish all the best, good health and more birthdays to come.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Live TV

Live TV is very interesting in the world of internet they gives us great entertainment while relaxing. I found out that is a leading website in terms of online video and live broadcast. I’m having fun watching the live show and take note you can chat on it as an audience. The website is very user friendly and effortless connecting to their live broadcast. They offer lots of live shows in the field of music, news and views, comedy, sports and many more.

Ken Lee by: Valentina Hasan

As early as 12:06AM my friend Jen and I chatted about what things going on in our weekend as we chatted along she gave me her website. At her website she posted a video about Ken Lee. I asked her who is Ken Lee? Jen kept laughing about the video and she told me to watched the video of Ken Lee by: Valentina Hasan. I asked her what’s on the video that you kept laughing on. Then she told me watched the video first. And then I watched the video and I kept laughing and laughing about the song Ken Lee. Ken Lee by: Valentina Hasan it’s a simulation of an English version of “Without You” by Mariah Carey. Valentina Hasan is from Brazil according to my friend Jen.

Here’s the video guys and happy laughing hehehe

Here's the lyrics and full version of the song Ken Lee

No ay ken for gain disivi
No yo feces yu weli ve
baray ges das jas da
gwey da story goes

Yu olwis mile lulinay
your zorro show
yeah shit show

wen i kent forget tomawo
wen i tink ovob my sawo
wen i ges achoo
zabaten ay let yugo

Yu olwis mile lulinay
your zorro show
yeah shit show

aiken lee if lividis
widouche you
aiken lee aiken gibb enimo
ken lee if lividis wi douche you
ken lee aiken gibb enimo wooh

welay ken forget tomawo
wen i tink obov my sawo
wen ay ges the shoes zabaten ay let yugo

Yu olwis mile lulinay
your zorro show
yeah shit show

ken lee if lividis wi douche you
ken lee aiken lib enimo
ken lee ilibudi budouchoo
ken lee ken gibb enimo

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Medical Careers

Medical careers now a day is very in demand abroad like nurses, care giver, pharmacist and pharmacy technician. And I know lots of high school graduate are confuse choosing what course is the best for their future. If I’m a student I’ll probably choose for a medical courses especially pharmacy tech. If you want to enroll as pharmacy technician be sure that the school offers great education and training for their students. In abroad they increasingly hiring more pharmacy tech and the pharmacy technician salary are around $12.32 per hour, the wages vary depending to the work environment. For the graduates good luck and choose wisely for your future!

What's your lucky number?

It's been a long time I didn't received a tag from my friends and co blogger, but last Friday I got tagged by Denz about this lucky numbers to increase more traffic hopefully it will, anyways thanks Denz for the tag.

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I'm tagging my friends namely: carolyn, jane, liza, Sexymom, ging, malyn and sweet lullaby