Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hi guys I would like to share with you about the latest social networking site the MioGate. It’s very cool site a family-friendly community where you can store in limitless pictures, upload videos, photo albums, personal information you want to share online. You will gain more friends, write whatever you want in blogs and talk about something new in the forum section. MioGate has ports that allow members to create an unlimited number of web pages to display particular information. A port can be a collection of MioGate information and news, RSS feeds, Podcasts or thousands of gadgets. You can even customize exactly the style you want your port to appear when you embed it to other sites. Amazing right so I will invite all of you guys to join me in MioGate, see yah!

Ash Wednesday

Yesterday all Christian celebrated Ash Wednesday this is the sign that holy week is coming. Ash Wednesday gets its name from the practice of placing ashes on the foreheads of the faithful as a sign of repentance. As the priest says this line while placing the ash in the forehead “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” The ashes are made from the first burns palm from last years palm Sunday mix with holy water that has been blessed. The ash in the forehead is a sign of being sorry for the things that we have done wrong and get relieve forever. Some of my colleagues went to the church around 6:30 in the evening to follow the Christian faith which is Ash Wednesday. Me? *sigh* I didn’t go with them because it’s my duty that time. But I got also an ash in my forehead one of my colleague told the priest that can you blessed some ash for those Christian who are not here. Even though I’m not inside the church I accept the ash and I will just pray by myself and talk to God about my sins.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My UAE ID Card

I got already my UAE ID card in just two weeks, one of my batch mates still waiting for there UAE ID card. I received a mailed letter from the Emirates Identity Authority for my identity card. I have some questions in my mind, how important this card here in UAE? And as I read the mailed letter, they said this line “This card shall provide you with high level of security and performance owing to its high-tech characteristics that guarantee the protection of your privacy. It helps in easing the process of obtaining Governmental and non-Governmental services in the near future.” BE YOU in the UAE! Ohsss really? Hehehe we’ll just see!

Fresh Fish

Last Tuesday beth, kuya joy and I went to the sea side to buy some fresh fish we wake up 7:00 o’ clock in the morning. As we walk through the sea side area whew we breathe the fresh air and we felt the coldness of the air and that time it’s too windy. As we arrived the fish boat are there already and they just gather the fresh fishes in the net. When the fish gathered on the net all of them jumping trying to escape to the net, one of the fish I caught and still breathing I feel pity to the fish when I catch it I threw it back to the sea water hehehe. When the fisherman finished gathered all different kind of fishes and some squids. One of them segregated the squids to the fish because of the black ink they provide I don’t know exactly the term for that ink color for the squid harharhar. We bought the fish for 10dhs and 25dhs for the squid. When we go back in our way beth saw a dead turtle I told her to take picture on it, and kuya joy told us he will bring the dead turtle to his room and preserve it. As we arrived in our room beth and I cleaned the fish and we grilled some of them for our brunch hmmm so yummy and delicious if you grilled fresh fish with matching chili sauce on it. Here are the pictures that beth took.

Friday, February 6, 2009 - Love Resources

Hi guys this month of February is the month of Love especially for the lovers out there. Happy Valentines Day in advance guys! I have here something for all of you the, in this site you can share ideas, give some advices in your own experiences about love and meet more friends online. Mahal kita means I Love You the sweetest word that you’ve been heard. If you need some advice just post your love stories to and get ready to read all advices coming from other members. Just register yourself if you want to express your love to your love ones through poem, video, pictures together, love songs and even love quotes. See yah there!