Sunday, December 16, 2007

1st Birthday of my niece

This is it! The big event of Dora the explorer and my niece. In the morning we woke up early, we decorate balloons inside and outside of our house. We clean up messes in the surroundings, at 9am my sister went to the cake store to pick up the ordered cake and bought ice cream for the kids.
In lunch time the friends of baby Anne are coming to join her precious moment of her 1st birthday. Our neighbors, relatives, friends, godmother and godfather of baby Anne are there also. After lunch my sister gets the ice cream for the kids, when the kids saw the ice cream all of them shouted “wow ice cream yehey”. They are very happy while enjoying eating there ice cream, then my sister slices cakes for them too! When the eating is over, we give each of them the give-away that we prepared and balloon. My niece received lots of gifts for her friends and especially for her godmother/godfather. I know my niece is very happy on her 1st birthday because she keeps smiling at her visitors. The 1st birthday of my niece is turning out well; we would like to thanks all the visitors who join baby Anne for her 1st birthday. This big event is a precious moment for us, for my niece stay charming as you are. You know how much we Love You! These are the pictures I took.

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