Sunday, May 4, 2008

Online Safety Products

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Summer Vacation in Bohol

My summer vacation in Bohol is a great gift I received on my 25th birthday last April 18. I and my boyfriend went to Bohol last April 17-20 for our summer vacation. In the 17th we arrived at the Port of Jagna around 2:00 in the afternoon, at the Port we took 2 hours and a half to ride in a bus for us to arrived in Ubay Bohol. From Ubay we ride a “pot-pot” Boholano’s term for their motorcycle for about half an hour for us to reach the destination of Camali-an, the village where my boyfriend’s grandparents lived. I’m so happy when we arrived there because of the warmth pleasure that his grandparents, uncles and aunties gave.

I woke up early in the morning at 5:00 on my birthday; my boyfriend and I went to the store to buy some eggs for our breakfast and I get my digicam and took pictures on the sunrise, rice fields and the animals in the fields. I really love the fresh air when you were there you will feel the full relaxation in your body, mind and soul.

8:00 in the morning I and my boyfriend went to the most beautiful tourist spot in Bohol. First stop the chocolate hills we both amazed with the scenery of the place, when were on the top whewww we feel like were in heaven chocolate hills is one of the best place in Bohol. After chocolate hills we went to Bilar Church to light candle and thank God that He gave me another year for me to go on with my life. In Bohol there are lots of old church like Bilar Church and as I’ve known the famous church in Bohol is the Baklayon Church.

From the church we went to the Simply Butterflies Conservation Center in there you will see the biggest butterfly and colorful butterflies. I was shocked with our tour guide in the butterflies’ conservation center because he really studies all kinds of butterflies in the conservation. The way butterflies move, courting and meeting each other. After that our next destination is the Man-Made Forest you will see the tall trees in the road when you pass by the Man-Made forest you will fell the fresh and cold air. Did you guys remember the teleserye in Channel 2 “Panday” with Jericho and Heart? Some event in their scene is taken in that Man-Made Forest.

From their we went to the place where Buko King lived, Buko King is very well known in opening the buko using his own teeth. To reach the place you will go through some adventure you will cross the bamboo hanging bridge for then to see Buko King. I was amazed when Buko King starts to open the buko using his teeth grrrrrrrrrrr. After that adventure we went to the place of Tarsiers the smallest primates on earth, tarsiers food are crickets. When you are in Bohol you will not leave the place with out seeing the adorable big eyes of Tarsier.

Its lunch time and the last destination is the romantic place of the Loboc River. We ate our lunch there and when the cruise is moving we both enjoy the fresh air on the river and the surroundings itself. The cruise also has its own stop over hehehe, we stop at the dancing and singing children who performs with us. The ukulele groups also present a nice song for us to enjoy the trip of the cruise. I really enjoy and have fun in my birthday and from Loboc River we went home to take some rest.

In Saturday morning we went to the place of Calape where the miraculous San Antonio Church located. Many religious people went to the church to pray for Him, ask guidance and some farmers ask for Him for their abundant harvest. In the church I prayed for San Antonio that He will give us more strength and good health. From the church we went to Inabanga the place where my boyfriend’s father side live. And I met his grandfather, aunties, uncles and cousin. Its lunch time then and we ate the yummy and delicious big crabs for our lunch, I’m so full because I really love sea foods especially crabs hmmmmm yummy.

Sunday is the day to say thank you and see you soon in the next vacation, because our summer vacation is ended up. I’m so thankful for the relatives of my boy friend for accepting me to their family and the warmth pleasure they gave for me when I stayed there. I’m having really fun and enjoyed my summer vacation in Bohol!

Tired Updating my Blog

Hi guys! I know I haven’t written anything for the past decade? Hehehe last month I’m tired updating my blog, I don’t know why maybe because I have nothing to write on to share with you what’s going on with my whole life. Sorry guys for those days that I haven’t do my rounds/blog hopping in your blogs. And for those who want to exchange links sorry for the delayed post but don’t you worry I will post it later.