Tuesday, December 4, 2007

4th birthday of my cousin’s child Say-Say

Every December 4 Say-Say celebrating her birthday and this day she’s turning four years young. Say-Say is the youngest child of my cousin ate Jocelyn, the characteristic of Say-Say as a child is that she’s very talkative. She keeps talking and talking with us about what she discover, even what’s new about her like the new shoes she have. She told us that the new pink shoes is the gift of her mother for her birthday, they bought that shoes at SM department store. Oh child they really want to discover around this world, the desire to know something is in there eyes. I really enjoyed listening to her, when she opened her gift she’s very excited and keep smiling.

My nephew and Say-Say is playmate both of them playing in the mat, they talk with each other as they both understand what they are talking about, hehehe “child talk”. The birthday party is great especially the foods, hehehe the lechon is very yummy, crunchy and juicy. The sweet dish; they have a macaroni salad, mango float, ice cream and the cake. At that time my stomach is full for the foods I’ve eaten. To Say-Say be a good girl to your parents and older sister/brothers; wish you all the happiness in your life and good health. These are the pictures I took to the 4th birthday of Say-Say.

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