Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rain in the desert

My duty schedule for this whole month of November is early in the morning around 7:00 AM, and every time I'm going to my work the sunshine is always make my day smile. Last Thursday as I look up the sky it seems like the rain is coming, I didn't saw the sun then. As time goes on we talk with my colleagues about the weather condition that time and I told her that maybe it will rain she replied no it will not happened here in UAE. I replied to her really? I wish it will rain because in my six months staying here I didn't saw a rain. And maybe God heard me hehehe because why? Around 9:00 in the morning the rain start falling hehehe I feel like a child that I jumped in my work place, for the joy that I saw a rain again. And when I saw it I was shocked because all I know that it will not happened, UAE is a desert country but indeed it rain hehehe. Sad to say the rain not continued falling it stop around quarter to 10:00 hehehe at least I saw it.

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