Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fujairah Red Tide

This day after my duty around 4:20 in the afternoon I and my roommate went to the beach to check if the sea condition is okay. As we walked along the road near the beach whewww we smell the bad odor of the sea air. And from there we saw different kinds of dead fishes just like; little snake in the sea, crab, hamour, little electric eel and I don’t know the names of the other fishes we saw. So sad to say still the Fujairah red tide is not yet over and the beach color instead of blue one it became black maybe because of the oil spills. In the beach you can see many crows there and flies ewww the crows eating the dead fishes. What happen to our nature now? Why there is so called red tide? Guys we took some pictures for you.

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