Saturday, November 8, 2008

I miss back home

Hi guys it’s been a while I didn’t share my expedition in life here in UAE so far I’m okay and still adjusting my new life and my new work here. I met new friends, new boss, new places I’ve been through and different kind of guest I met, really all for me here is totally new. But I strive hard, working with different nationality colleagues even though I really miss my family, my friends and specially my special someone there back home *sigh*.
I feel lonely and alone here but no need to worry because God is with me always and forever. He is my best friend here I share lots of things to Him when I finished my duty and go to bed, that time we talk about life. I went here just to try something new, working in other country is okay but all of us here our weakness is that missing someone back home.
Last All Saints and All Souls Day all Filipinos here are lighting candles for our loved ones who just past away. That day I really cried remembering my parents special my mom who died last May 24, 2007 I miss my mom a lot but I know my mom is happy now in the hand of our God, I just pray for their souls and ask to guide me always here.
Till here guys I need to sleep now because my duty tomorrow will start at 7:00 AM *sigh*. I just want to share with you that I really miss my life back home.

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