Monday, November 24, 2008

Beach is temporarily close

Today in our hotel the beach is temporarily close because of these dead fish and oil scattered in the sea. Our beach hotel is nearby the Fujairah port that's why the oil keeps coming to the sea. And this day while at work I feel sleepy and boring, there's no guest arrive to check in or just simply walk-in guest to eat in the restaurant or go for swimming in the pool. When I finished my duty that time I smell something fishy hehehe yeah really guys I smell bad odor when I breathe the air ewww. Too bad for the management because they don't know what to do with this problem, I know they lost lot of money in this sea condition. But I know this sea condition will be okay few days from now. For those guest who will go for beach swimming near Fujairah sorry to tell you the beach is temporarily close at this moment.


Geoff Pound said...


i read your posting about dead fish on the Fujairah beach. As I am tracking these stories about oil spills please can you give me more details about the beach, hotel etc.

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ChArIsSe said...


thank's for dropping my blog i'm working here in sandy beach hotel that's why i post regarding this sea condition here in the hotel but so far for now the sea condition is quiet okay but still not good for swimming

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