Saturday, November 17, 2007

WarRock Philippines "Online Game"

Guys I want to share with you this WarRock Philippines online game, for me it's like a Counterstrike game but I like this one "na adik jd ko ani" hahahaha....You can make friends with other players, if you guys interested with this game try to check this site and download it to your PC and that's it be ready for your enemies "gogogo"....;) My User ID is Rock0n, if you want to play with me "no retreat no surrender"! hehehe...To the WarRock Team Philippines good luck to your road to Korea for the championship.


Level: 4
Exp Points: 15531
Rank: Private First Class
Kills: 2510
Deaths: 3947
Dinar: 4,569.00

Character Class:

Military engineer



Heavy Weapons unit



Anonymous said...

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coldheart said...

hello im jayme. i love playing warrock and i suggest to remove the vote out in explosive. its hard to earn percent to level up and lots of percent will be removed if they voted you out. usually they just vote you out becouse they just want to. im not a perfect player but i play fair and good and its not fair if somebody just vote you out. thanks and godbless