Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Celebrating the 1st Birthday of Jay2x

The birthday celebrant Jay2x

Last November 22 our neighbor named Agnes went to our house and has an invitation card for the 1st birthday of her daughter Jay2x. At 6pm we went there for dinner, I enjoyed watching other children especially my niece Anne because she’s curious about the party hat in her head, heheheh. Curiosity is in the eyes of each child they really enjoyed the dinner party of Jay2x’s 1st birthday especially the hotdogs with marshmallow on it. Lots of balloons, party hats and a give-aways for them to take home. To Jay2x wish you all the happiness in your childhood life and a good health. I took some pictures for the birthday celebrant together with her parents.

Like daughter like mom

the foods hmmmm yummyyy

Jay2x and her dad

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