Sunday, November 18, 2007

Place that I want to travel soon "Kamali-an Ubay Bohol"

I love to travel in different places especially provinces; it’s been a year and I miss ridden a ship. I like provinces because you could relax and have a peaceful mind seeing their beautiful surroundings. Me and my boyfriend planning to go to Bohol, Bohol has its pristine white-sand beaches and the Chocolate Hills, centuries-old churches and towers, scuba diving havens, majestic falls and caves and historical landmarks as well as primitive and exotic fauna and flora. Bohol is where the Philippine Tarsier found, the well known Loboc River and Panglao Island. I’m really eager to go their; enjoy and have fun with the beautiful scenery.

Kamali-an Ubay Bohol is the birth place of my boyfriend and I will meet his grandparents there and stay to their house. Kamali-an Ubay Bohol is a far away from the City, there you will see a large rice fields, lots of fruits and a peaceful surroundings as my boyfriend described his place.

When where there I know I will enjoy, we will go to the places where Bohol is well known; Chocolate Hills, Loboc River, Panglao Island, Baklayon Church and where the tarsiers live. We plan to go there next year month of May because the whole month of May Boholanos celebrates their festivals and I’m sure we will enjoy our vacation.

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