Friday, March 21, 2008

Videoke Time

Last week that was March 13, my friend Sharon arrived here. Sharon worked in Dubai for almost 2 years; she’s married and has one daughter name Nikki. While at worked sometimes we chatted and she talked always how she really misses her family especially her daughter. And I know as she arrived here she’s wearing a big smile because for almost 2 years she’s finally home. Sharon and I first met at HarvestSEO Company as a co-worker and became friends for then. Last Tuesday Sharon, Arthur her hubby, Ann and her hubby and son Carl, me and my bf and Jen went to Galam. Galam is a Videoke bar we went their for our Videoke time/bonding. We really enjoyed that moment and chit chatting about her worked and about her life in Dubai. Videoke is somewhat a right place for friends bonding time, we’re very happy for Sharon and to her family. Jen and I took some pictures, and here it is:

sharon and her hubby

ann, her hubby and son carl

arthur, sharon, me and my bf

jen and me

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