Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Extreme Surgical Makeovers

When we say surgery it’s a medical treatment that involves operations on or manipulations of the patient’s body and usually the crucial part, cutting the body to perform surgical procedure. I’ve been watching before, The Swan a US reality television program. Where in average-looking women where given extreme makeovers that included some forms of plastic surgery. These contestants experienced adversity to their selves, to be The Swan.
I found out that in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles they have their Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery the answer of your problem. They have their best plastic surgeons and well train staff to anticipate your needs. Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery specialize tummy tuck, they have been highlighted in many national and international media outlets. In liposuction they examine first your body type, fat distribution, skin type and quality and then determine the best approach to give you great results. Their approach to breast augmentation is that to create a natural look, so you have fuller and rounder breast without a fake appearance.
In The Swan pageant the contestants go through lots of surgery, some contestant have their excess skin and fat around the belly, to fix the problem they undergone tummy tuck. The Plastic Surgeons that will operate the surgery are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Other contestants experienced liposuction surgery for having a body with disproportionate contours due to localized fat deposits. And most of the contestants have their breast augmentation to improve the way they look. Having all the surgery operations to their selves all of the contestants built more self-confidence.
When I saw their operations I was shocked then because the surgeons only took an hour to finished the operations. While watching I felt the pain, but for the contestant they didn’t felt anything because of the anesthesia. I’m so proud to all of them because they all surpass the extreme surgical makeovers.

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