Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rules of Four

I got this tag from Denz, he tag me last Monday thank you so much for this tag. I have a great time answering those questions.

RULES OF FOUR Here It is...

4 jobs I have had: Link Builder/Email Tracker, SEO Specialist, Marketing Staff and a Blogger ;-)

4 movies I watched over and over: Titanic, Fearless, Casino Royale, Lion King hehehe

4 shows I watch: Lobo, Wowowe, Amazing Race, Marimar

4 places I have been: Davao, Manila, Cebu, Dumaguete

4 people who email me: Clients, Friends, Advertisers, Friendster

4 favorite things to eat: Fruits, Veggies, Meat, Fries

4 places I would rather be: Europe, USA, Dubai, some nice place of our country Philippines

4 things I look forward to this year: Stable job, Success in life, Healthy & Fit Body, & more blessings to come

I would like to share this tag with FOUR persons too, heheehehe... carolyn, jane, yen and sweet lullaby...Enjoy guys!

1 comment:

Baby Jane said...

Thanks for the tag girl... hehehe I tag you back Just for "Thanks"