Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fashion styles and trends

I’m an avid fan of Tyra Banks the host of the Americas Next Top Model. I like the way she dress up, she’s always in fashion and unique. The styles of her make-up, hair and everything of her is in trends. I want to learn from her tips every time she gave critique in each model is just right for the model to become the next top model. I just heard that there’s a fashion school in our city and I would love to enroll myself to study all fashion styles.
When you say fashion, NY as in New York is famous in terms of fashion trends. And I’m sure there are lots of fashion schools New York, lucky for those who live in NY. The fashion school in New York is accredited and from then you will learn countless fashion programs of your choice. For those fashion lovers from NY you should enroll yourself to fashion school in New York, to enhance your skills and achieve the fashion styles and trends you want.
And me? Hmmm well I can’t afford enrolling myself at New York fashion schools, but I know that one day I’m a great fashion designer because fashion is in my heart!

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