Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pixie Dust Pin

I got this pixie dust pin from nancy. She tagged me last February 3, I just notice and read it today as I visit her blog. I’m so sorry nancy for the delayed posting and thank you very much for sharing this pin to me. This pixie dust pin is a pin that helps us to make our dreams come true. I want to post this pin so that all my dreams will come true and I’m passing this pixie dust pin to a friend of mine carolyn and bb jane.


Nancy said...

Hi's ok..better late than by the way, i need your support..i was nominated for the filipino blog of the week..would appreciate if u could come back and vote for name is at the bottom of the box..

hope ur having a wonderful weekend..God bless and TC!

ChArIsSe said...

yeah your right better late than never congratz! ok i will give my vote! God Bless you too!