Thursday, February 21, 2008

Merniel’s Palace

Jen, my bf and I went to the palace of Merniel last Sunday morning. I like the place it’s calm and peaceful. The palace is surrounded with lots of coconut trees, bamboo, mango trees, corns, eggplant and string beans. Animals like carabaos, cows and goats are also in. All I can say is that the greener the fresher! I really love the palace; in there you can relax, have peace of mind and breathe fresh air. To my friend Merniel thank you so much for letting us in to your palace. Better see these pictures for you to adore the beauty of my friend place.


Anino said...

Sa Pilipinas ba ito?Napakaganda naman!Nakaka-relax tingnan nag mga larawan.

ExinRex said...

hi anino! oo syempre sa Pilipinas yan, d2 yan sa amin sa CDO. ang ganda noh? nakaka relax nga, ang sarap ng hangin dyan.