Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our outing at Rock Spring

Last Sunday we have an outing at Rock Spring it is located in Jasaan Misamis Oriental. The travel time from the city to the location area, approximately 45 minutes. As we arrived in rock spring I took pictures with the big trees and the pool, the area are surrounded with huge rocks. That’s why obviously the name itself of the spring is rock spring because of the rocks, hehehe. In a few minutes my boy friend and Junie grilled some fish for our lunch while Risa and Ann made delicious tapioca for our dessert. After our lunch, it’s swimming time I’m having fun and enjoyed the cold water in the spring. In the pool you know girls thing, Carolyn, Risa, Jane, Quennie and I do lots of chitchatting while adoring the cold flowing waters. All in all we are group of twelve having great time in our outing. Namely: Junie, Archie, Ann, Jane, Risa, Den-Den, Carolyn, Dexter, Robert, Quennie, my boy friend and yours truly. We’re having our momentous outing at Rock Spring and our next location hopefully would be at Baungon, in there we will experience whitewater rafting adventure. These are the pictures of our outing at Rock Spring.

stairs going to the spring

big trees and huge rocks

the 8ft pool

my boy friend checking his grilled fish

the grilled fish

our dessert

okay lets dig in guys

guys guys wait did you washed your hands? hehehe

how cute jane while eating

my boy friend

chitchatting time while eating

the pool

lovers at pool robert&quennie my bf&me

risa, jane, me & carolyn @ 8ft pool

carolyn, jane, risa, me & quennie

whew! nice diving!

at the back of the huge rock with ann @ this time

rock spring

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