Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My balikbayan friend Merniel

It’s been four years since I met this great balikbayan friend of mine Merniel. We first met and built our friendship at Harvestseo Company in 2004. As years goes by somebody knocked Merniel and offered her great opportunity to Saudi Arabia. Merniel grab that opportunity for her to share and gain more knowledge and abilities. In 2007 Merniel departed Philippines and went to Saudi Arabia to face her new challenges in life. I’m so happy with Merniel, I do hope and pray that someday I can work also in other countries.
Our communication never stopped even though we’re apart, we keep sending e-mails for any updates happened in our lives. She forwarded me her pictures when she’s at the hidden valley of Riyadh. And when I got her mail saying that she has a one month vacation here I’m so happy because she’s back home again.
Last Sunday that was February 10 around 4:30 in the afternoon I, my bf and Jen went to the airport for the arrival of our friend Merniel. Her sister and her nieces are also there waiting for her. We’re so exited to see her again and in a few minutes her come Merniel with a smile on her face.
From the airport we went to their house, we do lots of chitchatting as we ate our dinner. Jen said that we should plan and set an itinerary for the one month vacation of our friend here. I’m sure this month of February there are lots of hang outs happen. For Merniel I’m so glad that you’re finally home.
Merniel at the hidden valley of Riyadh

At the airport

the residential place of Merniel at PN Roa


bisdakbabbles said...

duol ra man diay ta... taga Lanao del Norte ko.
I wish I could step on that airport again soon. I really miss Pinas.

Aleckii said...

Auhh... what a touching story. Glad you and your friend still managed to stay close after all these time. Me and some friends just drift apart with time, which is really sad...

ChArIsSe said...

to bisdakbabbles:
wow good thing to hear that naa tga lanao del norte ka...hehehe sana mka anhi ka sa Pinas...
to aleckii:
yeah we managed well to last our friendship forever...