Monday, February 11, 2008

Photo Tricks

I have something to share with you guys about photo tricks you can do what ever you want to your pictures. I know it sounds familiar, but this day I really enjoy and having fun while uploading different pictures and add special effects on it. In you can spruce up all your precious moments. They offer lots of special effects overlays, a nice design frames, neat borders, scrap booking, funny templates, make a comics, add figures, a fake magazine, add award props and you can use celebrity faces. So guys try this FotoTrix and freshen up your boring photos and share it to your friends. Upload your pictures and play with photo tricks. FotoTrix is NOT just for kids! These are the pictures I made:


Nice Guy said...

Thanks for the nice write up (I am the owner of FotoTrix). I am glad you liked it, it has been much work setting it all up.

ChArIsSe said...

wow really? I'm glad to know you, yeah I really liked your website FotoTrix. And thanks for visiting my blog!