Monday, January 7, 2008

Adopted Kitten ended her life

Its Monday the 1st day of the week but this day I felt sad when my sister saw that the adopted kitten is already dead. Last week I wrote about our adopted kitten click here, yeah that kitten in the picture you saw sad to say she’s dead. When the adopted kitten ended her life I’m so upset of what happened with the adopted kitten. I’m a pet lover that’s why I felt that way. I think the adopted kitten ended her life because she can’t take it anymore to live longer. And it’s true the kittens are for the cat only and the puppies for dog heheheh. So much for the kitten, the six puppies are doing well and their eyes are started to open. Do you guys have a pet? If you do please take extra care for them as part of your lives.


Aleckii said...

Oh my, I feel so sorry. Poor thing.

Anyway, I've added your link in my blog.

Have a nice day!

ChArIsSe said...

yeah but it's ok we should accept that life has an ended and thanks for the link. God Bless!