Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Three Kings

This day January 6, 2008 and it’s the 1st Sunday of the month, the celebration of the three Kings also known as the three wise men. The three Kings namely Gaspar, Melchoir and Balthasar based on a Bible story, the kings saw on the night when Jesus Christ was born, they followed a bright star to Bethlehem and found there Jesus Christ and offered the gold, frankincense and myrrh.
This day is a very especial to me and I’m never to fail to remember this day because it’s the birthday of my grandfather. My grandfather named Baltazar but sad to say he passed away last May 19, 2002. My grandfather is a great grandpa way back when I was still on my prep school, he is the one accompany me to the school. And he always sang with me his favorite song. I love my grandpa very much even though in the past years I’m not with him to take good care.
This afternoon I will go to the cemetery, light a candle and pray for his soul. And after that I will go to the church to thank God for everything. For me we should always go to the church every Sunday to thank God for everything and say sorry for the sins that we did for the week. And Sunday is a God’s day we should listen His words for us to have a blessed life for the next week activities.


Anino said...

GUess what?We did the Nativity play alst christmas. I played the Baltazar role.

ChArIsSe said...

wow great thing to hear that you have your play such a memorable one this year the three kings

Aleckii said...

Happy 3 kings festival. Here in Kursk Russia, there was supposed to be a festival also, until one of the 'kings' didn't arrive in church... hahah.

Sorry to hear about your grandpa. Bless his soul! But you have great memories of you guys together to sustain you and that's wonderful.