Thursday, January 17, 2008

I got mail from Pay Per Post

Hi guys I’m so happy when I received an email from pay per post last January 13 the email was about my blog. My blog is already 90 days old or 3 months old last January 10, that’s why I got an email that my blog has been approved. You can only join to PayPerPost if you have a 90 days old active blog. I would like to share with you the email I got from pay per post here it is;

Hello Ma. Charisse Guinto,

This is a notification letting you know that your PayPerPost blog, My Expedition in Life, has been approved and is now available.

You can now take opportunities and write about them on your blog.

Thank you,
The PayPerPost Team

I really enjoy blogging here and encounter lots of bloggers/friends. And most of all to get paid while blogging. This recent post of mine about pay per post cost $20 just to let you know guys about the earnings of PayPerPost. Hopefully I can take more opportunities and write about them on my blog to bring additional income. I need to work on this to earn a lot so that I can settle my bills and the lot area that I am paying for my future. To the advertisers here I am helping you to drive traffic in your websites. If you guys interested in money making just sign up now at PayPerPost and start earning.


Starz in De Sky said...

is it really working?

ChArIsSe said...

yeah it is, my friends join payperpost also and they said it works. there's no harm in trying, just try this one.

retchel said...

hi charisse to answer your question about my sponsored post...try ka magpa-register sa then add mo yong blog mo,,so you can make money also..

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