Saturday, January 31, 2009


Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA), a federal government organization created a single national identity card for the UAE nationals, GCC citizens living in UAE and other UAE residents. Instead of having all multiple identity cards like driving license, work permits, employee cards and passports; they made this UAE ID card good for as one valid ID card. The validity of the UAE ID Card is as follows: You must be either a UAE national, a GCC citizen working or residing in the UAE or a UAE resident and above 15 years of age. The card is valid for lifetime for nationals (with renewal every five years) and validity for other residents depends on the validity of the visa. However, the same card can be used, once the residence visa is renewed.

For the workers no need to worry about the payment because the employers must bear the cost of the national ID card for their workers, according to labour officials. “Under the labour law, employers must bear all charges for governmental transactions for their workers,” an official explained. “The ID card will eventually replace the labour card whose cost is borne by the employer.” UAE ID card is mandatory for all the UAE residents and for those residents living in the UAE who don’t have the new cards by the end of 2010 will be considered illegal. And their employers will be penalized.

So in that case our management brings us by batch to the Emirates Identity Authority office in Fujairah to register our names there. We went their last Tuesday that was January 27, 2009 around 9:00 o’clock we are 15 all in all in the first batch of employees. But so sad to heard that we will pay the fee charge of that UAE ID card the payment will be charge in our salary. As I read this law can I tell our management about these things? Or no need because I know they knew it already they just need their employees to shoulder the burden instead of them. What is this? *sigh*

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