Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas and New Year 2009

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys! My Christmas & New Year here in UAE was not so happy compared last year. *sigh* I’m not with my loved ones but what will I do life must go on. In the 24th eve all Christian employees went to the Fujairah Church to hear the gospel of the priest in the season of love which is the birth of our Christ. In the church you can saw different nationality but most of them are Filipinos and Indians. When I saw our Indian sisters whew I’m so amazed of their dresses and gold accessories as my Indian friend told me that when they will go to church they wear their very elegant dresses.

As the ceremony continues I feel that I’m alone where I’m surrounded with the strange people and only God and I. I have already a teary eye when the ceremony starts and as we sang the Our Father I didn’t control it anymore and I started to cry as the song finished not only me crying my co-employee also have a teary eye *sigh* how we miss our loved ones back home.

After the mass as we arrived in the compound I opened my laptop and go online to greet my loved ones a Merry Christmas. We have a small party also we exchange gifts, we prepare foods and drinks. As the party finished we chatted with my fiancée, again I cried *sigh* I really miss him so much even though we chat everyday but that day it’s a very special day but too bad we’re too apart.

Welcoming the year 2009 for me it’s an ordinary day and quiet busy because I’m in graveyard duty that time. We have a Gala Dinner to our in house guest, we did raffle promo for them and the Filipino band is there to entertain our guest. The party turns at well all guests are very happy celebrating their New Year. I just hope and pray that this year we have an abundant year in the year of the Ox.

Some of our pictures during Christmas and New Year:

Going back to the compound after the mass


During our Christmas party

Merry Christmas guys!

During Gala Dinner one of our guest

Ate Angie and me w/ our guest


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