Saturday, January 31, 2009

Annual Staff Party

Last January 18 we had our annual staff party and the venue for our party is in the Ocean View Bar one of our outlet in our Hotel *sigh* how cheap hehehe. The party started around 12 in the midnight why midnight? Because that’s the time all of the staff finished their duty harharhar. The party is quiet okay I enjoyed a little bit the food is great the Chef knows well our taste hehehe. The management also prepared for a raffle draw for all the staff. Unfortunately hehehe my precious name wasn’t called for the raffle draw better luck next time Charisse harharhar. My two room mate was luck that day their name was called one received MP3 player and the other got a MP3 speaker. We also have a presentation through nationality Filipinos, Indians and Bangali. These nationalities did their best to show their talents to the staff party. And of course we Filipinos did the best presentation among other nationalities proud to be Pinoy. The staff party ended out well, around 3:30 in the morning we finished the party. After the party all the staff back to their barracks again hehehe.

These are our pictures during our staff party

Proud to be PINOY

w/ our Gen Mngr

different nationalities

ai gutom....

yours truly heheh


ijal said...

Seems like a nice party :-)

cpsanti said...

how fun! the food must have been good too ;-)