Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Family

I have one eldest sister name Ingrid she's married and she has a daughter which is nine months young name Anne Louisse. Sad to say both our parents pass away our father died last June 22, 1987 the cause of his death was Lung Cancer, I was four years young that time. Our mother died this year 2007 month of May 24 and the cause of her death was Brain Metastases (spread of cancer) that tumor in her brain coming from her breast. For now our expedition in life must go on, we both accept that circumstances. Because in reality all of us died and I do strongly believe that everything happens in our life has a purpose. So it's better to say that live our life to the fullest and everyday we should say thank you to our Savior Jesus Christ and say the sweetest word to our fellow Christian because we'll never know what happens next.

Try to look at our pictures:

Me & My Sister! Grabe ka smiling halos mkta na ang tartar...

Her Husband! Iyang g pug-ngan iyang utot pg kodak nko, kai bcn ma apil!

My Niece! Showing her dila murag little annaconda

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