Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fresh Fish

Last Tuesday beth, kuya joy and I went to the sea side to buy some fresh fish we wake up 7:00 o’ clock in the morning. As we walk through the sea side area whew we breathe the fresh air and we felt the coldness of the air and that time it’s too windy. As we arrived the fish boat are there already and they just gather the fresh fishes in the net. When the fish gathered on the net all of them jumping trying to escape to the net, one of the fish I caught and still breathing I feel pity to the fish when I catch it I threw it back to the sea water hehehe. When the fisherman finished gathered all different kind of fishes and some squids. One of them segregated the squids to the fish because of the black ink they provide I don’t know exactly the term for that ink color for the squid harharhar. We bought the fish for 10dhs and 25dhs for the squid. When we go back in our way beth saw a dead turtle I told her to take picture on it, and kuya joy told us he will bring the dead turtle to his room and preserve it. As we arrived in our room beth and I cleaned the fish and we grilled some of them for our brunch hmmm so yummy and delicious if you grilled fresh fish with matching chili sauce on it. Here are the pictures that beth took.

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