Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Filipino Today

It’s been a while for how many months I didn’t update my blog and I’m here again sharing these things to you because it’s seems I’m thinking this much. Today while I’m on duty my mind keep on thinking about the coming Presidential election in Philippines I don’t know why. I’m not against about politics but when someone asks me about politics I just simply said to them no comment, not interested. I just want to ask to my fellow Filipinos about this event, what are your opinions, and if the Filipino today stand still? Have you studied carefully whose name of the President you're going to vote? Months are fast approaching the election will be held on 10th of May that is Monday hopefully I’ll be back home that month. To all my kababayans out there if you read my blog just try to hit your Filipino answers, and if you want to search something about political issues the Filipino Today will help you find an answer. It’s a free search engine anything related to Filipino, so that’s it all I can say vote wisely and be a true Filipino today.

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