Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Best College Review Site

HAVING a hard time findng the best college campus in your area? Then log in to Here in, we provide the best college reviews on the Web. We have college reviews in all the 50 states in the US plus the DC area. Not only that, we also review college campus all over Canada.

What’s best in is that we group college reviews in several categories for your convenience so that you don’t have to flip each page in the online directory on which best college campus that is suitable to your desires. Among our categories are Top 100 college campus, big city schools, rural schools, religious schools, cheapest 4-year public schools, cheapest 4-year private schools, schools with more girls than guys, schools with more guys than girls, best academics, best weather schools, best athletics, best facilities, best atmosphere, best campus housing, best party schools and best nightlife. Best party schools and best nightlife? You heard that right. There are college campus which offer that, too.

For instance, the school which ranked number one in our college review of the best nightlife is Arizona State University. Mind you, those who do the college reviews are the students themselves who have experienced how life is in this college campus. So you need not worry that our college review is bogus. For example, one student wrote in the college review for Arizona State University warning other students that there is a limit in parking space during football Saturdays because this is the pastime in the college campus. Another student wrote her top ten spots on that particular college campus. But her number one on the list is Gammage Auditorium because it is here where Broadway productions are usually organized and acted by fellow students. Another relaxing spot in the college campus would be the secret garden. More like the secret garden described in Bruce Springsteen’s song, the Arizona State University secret garden is indeed a romantic place in the college campus where students can lay back and relax. Meanwhile, the SRC is that part in the college campus where students can go to exercise. It is actually the college campus gym. The ideal time to go there is during early mornings before 7:30.

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