Friday, August 14, 2009

It’s all about GOLD

I just want to share with you the story of my Indian colleague here in the hotel. One day morning some of our guest pay a euro coin to pay the bill I told the waiter that you don’t know we’re not accepting coin here? And this one colleague of mine stop the waiter and he told me to accept and he will replace it in dirham. I asked him for what you’re interested with the coin he told me I’m collecting gold coins. And I asked him again what you will do with the gold coins? He just replied me this word “secret”. Anyways whatever he does with the gold coin it’s none of my business. But some people are really addicted with gold. They will buy gold not to look that they are rich but they just love it. I bumped a site that they sell gold coin or even bullion of gold, as I search on and saw lots of gold coins I’d rather to buy also one of those gold coins for investment. In this site you can easily access information about gold and you can directly online. If you’re a gold coins fanatic just visit the site.

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