Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy 4th Anniversary Pre

This day 2nd of May 2009 is the most especially day for me when I accept my Pre as part of my life and soul. It’s been 3 years and a half we’ve been together share the tears and laughter together. I’m so happy when I’m with my Pre, but for this 4th anniversary I’m not happy as before because we’re just communicating through the net *crying* it’s too hard and it’s not easy the long distance relationship. I know Pre we can survive the test/trials that we encounter even though where far from each other, as long as we have trust, respect, faith and most especially the LOVE. We can surpass all the temptation everywhere, I know temptation surround for the both us. I really miss you my Pre the hug and kisses, outings, disco, eating, window shopping etc. together. And I'm so sorry Pre if I’m not there with you when you need me especially the important occasion, or just a simple talk with me. What else I can say? Hmmm hehehe drama na aU ko Pre hehe ng banaw na luha sa ako bed… Bsta always remember that no words can express how much I love you and God knows that!!! Miss you so much ako Pre!!! I’ll do everything here for our future and I know you too for our own good in the near future… See yah soon Pre!!! I’m so excited to meet you again… God Bless and take always for yourself for me okay??? Mwah!!! Sakto na kai baha na dani sa kwarto hehehe…

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